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Early May Bank Holiday Diving - Saturday 4th Monday 6th May 2013 Print

Early-May Bank Holiday Diving

Saturday 4th – Monday 6th

Over the three days of the early May Bank Holiday this year Guildford BSAC is planning to run a diving weekend out of Selsey.  Paul Stafford and Chris Bessant will be marshalling and organising.

If you are interested to come then please email Chris Bessant on This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

The aim is to take both boats along and to shuttle many dives across a great variety of dive sites as possible.  This is truly a diving weekend for everyone, with dives possible for Ocean Diver trainees all the day up to more challenging depths. 

Selsey is not so far away for those who would like to come down for one day, or if you would like to stay across the weekend then camping is also possible.  It’s all quite flexible and accessible!  Camping details as follows:

Warners Farm Touring Park. (Bunn Leisure)  01243 604 499

Also Mulberry Divers is near to hand for diving supplies and air fills.

If you are interested then please let me know (even if you are not 100%) so that I can gauge numbers and begin to plan in more detail.  I’m also keen to hear from those of you who are happy to cox.

The following people have signed up so far:

James Brinkworth                
Simon Gosling
Katie Gosling
Ralph Hursthouse
Danny Burns
Tim Hoban
Sarah Lippold
Angus Wylie

Hannah Pettifer                  
Mark Purchase
Gabriel Jimenez
Jeff Horst
Will Mason
Helen Plowman
Mark Pennells

Nick Fox
Paul Stafford
Chris Bessant
James Paddison
Annie Mason
Mark Smith
Max Denby          

Simon Grevatt   
Alison Smith
Catherine Jenkins
Chris Parnell
Chris Rickard
Nikki Turner
Steve Turner
Coralie Roy







Weather permitting it should be an excellent weekend.  More details to follow nearer to the date.

Below is a selection of dive sites that could be visited.  Great thanks to MULLBERY DIVERS for supply most of the information!

Selsey Lifeboat Station

Selsey has an active fishing fleet which moors in the area of the Lifeboat Station.  There are a number of interesting objects around the current Lifeboat Station including remains of the old Lifeboat Station, a landing craft and a small reef. The area is teaming with shoals of breeding fish, bib, wrasse, gobies, shore, spider and hermit crabs, lobsters, cuttlefish, pipefish, small congers, oysters, mussels and anemones.  With an average depth of 6m it makes an excellent training dive and there is always something to see. 


Mixon Hole

A wonderful gentle drift dive only 1 mile off shore.  The dive is to descend to the sea bed at 6m then drop over the cliff to the bottom at 25ms. The fast currents in this area mean that there is little weed growth however there are numerous boulders of various sizes each with a lobster or crab fighting for space.  You can also find cuttlefish, dogfish and wrasse in this area.  Ascend slowly back to the seabed at 6ms to find a wide range of marine life.  Due to the currents the Mixon can only be dived on neaps at slack water.

The Mulberry

This sunken Mulberry Harbour is a relic of the Second World War.  After more than 60 years under the water this is now a wonderful reef approximately 60ms longs by 17ms wide. The North end is the best preserved and is covered in white and orange dead men's fingers, various anemones and two patches of jewel anemones. As you tour round the reef you can expect to see schools of pouting, pollack, bass, wrasse, poor cod and bid. You can also find conger eels, tompot blennies, gobies, crabs and lobsters in addition to seasonal visitors like the cuttlefish and lumpsuckers.  Only 2.5 miles from East Beach with an average depth 10m, it makes a classic Ocean Diver site.

Brigitta (Teapot)

A steel, screwed steamer schooner which sunk after striking a mine in December 1917 with a cargo of coal.  The wreck is just over 5 miles offshore and is well broken amidships with the stern upside down and the two boilers remaining the highest point. This wreck is now the home to a number of congers, plus blennies, gobies, wrasse, lobsters, crabs and schooling fish.  Depth 16ms.

HMT Pine

HMT Pine is a Second World War wreck site that Guildford BSAC has been research and diving in recent years.  The Pine was a Tree Class trawler which the Royal Navy Commissioned in 1939 and was eventually sunk by a Germen E-Boat attack on 31st January 1944.  The Pine is well broken up in 16-18m of water, but is covered in life, with conger eels and large shoals of fish being almost certain. 



HMS Sapper was an armoured trawler which sunk on 29th December 1917. The wreck is in three pieces and is well broken up. The highest point is the boiler which is home to numerous congers and tompot blennies. The wreck is home to a number of schooling fish and is 8 miles from East Beach in 28ms of water.


A 5,000 ton liner on route to India carrying a cargo of ivory, cases of wine, marmalade in stone jars, spares for lorries and Model T type cars plus munitions for the Indian Army which sank in July 1918 after being struck by a torpedo. The wreck is only 8 miles from East Beach in 24ms of water. The wreck is well broken up however the constantly shifting seabed means that there is always something new to find each year. The wreck is home to a wide variety of marine life and schooling fish.

HMS Northcoates

A Royal Navy trawler requisitioned for mine sweeping during WWII which sank in December 1944. The wreck sits upright at 26ms about 9 miles from East Beach. There is a 12 pounder gun on her foredeck. This wreck is often difficult to see due to the number of schooling fish. There are also a large number of congers tucked into holes in addition to lobsters and crabs.

Bognor Rocks

The seabed at Bognor Rocks is covered in rocks interspersed by sand. The rocks are coated with kelp and other weed amongst which crabs and starfish hide. There are plenty of fish at this site including wrasse, dogfish and cuttlefish.  This site would make a good training or first open water dive site.

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