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Friday, 20 April 2018
August Bank Holiday to Anglesey Print


Suggested  accommodation is here  

Anglesey Outdoors
The Centre
Porthdafarch Road
LL65 2LP

As far as I am now aware there are only big rooms left in the centre but there was  still camping available (30/06/09) 


1st boat arrives  Sunday 23rd with Angus, second boat on Monday with Martin Stevens, Charles can also tow and any other volunteers would be great.

Boats will need to be prepped Tuesday 18/08/09 so volunteers are needed for this.


Gas Fills / Housekeeping

Please read and digest
Note please bring at least 2 cylinders per person; three would make your life easier if you have them, label cylinders with your name and the club details, it makes it easier for whoever is doing gas runs.. Make sure you bring plenty of change/cash for gas and parking, it's a tourist area so expect to be paying to park most of the time.  

There should be a total of five boats available, two from Guildford , two from Cheshire SAC plus their DO has his own boat. Not sure at this stage if we’ll be all diving from the same launch place or not.

In the main gas will be from Trearrdurr Bay dive centre. We’ll try to arrange two gas runs a day. So once you’ve done your first dive you’ll need to make sure that the used cylinder is ready to go on the gas run and to pay whoever is going. Then there’ll be a second run at the end of the day to take the next lot of empty cylinders and to collect those dropped off earlier.

Please if you’ve got a big car/van then help by taking part in the gas runs.

  Generally ample parking since this is a holiday area so expect it to be pay and display therefore bring plenty of change.



Some/most of the sites will require 4wd vehicles, there’s often a queue to get boats into the water. We’ll have to launch the boats early to be sure of getting a days diving before 07:00. Let’s not allow this to fall to the same people each day and please don’t leave site before being sure there’s enough bodies to recover the boats.  

From the Angelsey website it’s going to be cheaper to pre-register our boats so that we don’t pay a daily launch and recover fee. I have the forms and copies of handling certificate (thanks) so I'll be sending those off.

Launch Sites

Trearddur Bay
Council owned, concrete slipway protected from all but SW - W winds. Possible to drive onto beach off slipway at right hand side of beach only. No parking on the beach. The slip is easy to use at periods two hours either side of high water. During the summer months and bank holidays the slip gets very congested especially around high water when cars are unable to drive onto the beach to launch. You should prepare boats for launch in the car park and NOT on the roadside near to the slip in order to minimise congestion.

Traeth Bychan
A busy bay which faces east, has a good slip. Good launch site for Anglesey north coast sites. Possible to drive onto the beach for launching but no parking on the beach.

Bull Bay
There is a short concrete ramp on to a pebble beach. Launching is possible at most states of the tide but is made easier with the aid of four wheel drive vehicles. Not suitable in NW, N, NE & E winds. There is a public car park & toilets nearby. 

Porth Eilian
A very sheltered north facing bay tucked inside Point Lynas. There is a rough slip which makes launching possible but awkward. 

There are two main concrete slipways protected from all but NW - NE winds. The slip at the Holyhead Sailing Club is private, so permissions should be sought from HSC prior to launching. Car parking is available just off the promenade. The public are requested not to use the members car park adjacent to the Sailing Club. Both slips are easy to use at all states of the tide except for low water springs. Users are requested to prepare boats for launch in the car park and NOT on the slip. Be prepared for the occasional delays in launching whilst club members launch and recover their craft especially in the racing season.

Dive Sites


Note this is not an exhaustive list, generally I reckon to plan around 1 day in advance i.e. the evening before depending on weather and interest. Since Anglesey is an island unless the weather is really foul it should always be possible to dive. As a general rule neap slacks are around 3 - 3 1/before LW Liverpool.

With NW, N, NE, E winds the north coast of Anglesey and Holy Island are undiveable.
With SE, S, SW winds Rhosneigr, Rhoscolyn, Trearddur Bay areas are undiveable.
NW, W winds create problems for the whole of Anglesey except for possibly Moelfre to Traeth Bychan.

In the event of a total washout there’s always Dorothea and/or Vivian inland sites within easy driving distance if there’s a pressing need to get wet.


Ocean Diver Level


Depth 2 – 20

Position 53.25.53, 04.28.13





Depth 3 - 10

Position 53.19.290, 04.35.010

Slack – not needed,

Launch Holyhead



Depth 8

Position 53.21.525, 04.13.825

Slack most times (not flood)

Launch Traeth Buchan


 Royal Charter

Depth 6

Position 53.21.560, 04.14.460

Slack most times (not flood)

Launch Traeth Buchan

(Was carrying gold for the prospectors)



Depth 9

Position 53.17.553, 04.03.095

Slack no real slack dive east side for protection

Launch Traeth Buchan or Manai Bridge


Kyle Prince

Depth 10

Position 53.11.26, 04.30.18

Slack anytime



Norman Court

Depth 12

Position 53.14.18, 04.32.27




Lord Athlumley

Depth 6 – 24






Depth 16

Position Porth y Garan


Launch Trearddur Bay



Sports Diver Level


Depth 19

Slack 2.5 before HW Liverpool

Launch Bull Bay

Position 53.25.335, 04.20.666

NB Strong currents



Depth 22



Position 53.22.900, 03.59550 

Dive Leader

There are some sites approx. 2 miles off shore which are more challenging and greater depths. Experienced Sports or DL. More information will be added here when I have it.



There’s hopefully going to be around 50 people from the two clubs, perhaps more for the actual weekend. There’s a plan to have a BBQ on the evening of Saturday 29th , so beer and bits of dead animal will be needed. There's a deal with the local butcher which should mean a cost of about £2 each with a little extra for charcoal and other consumables. If we could all make up one extra each that would really help. This is a joint effort with East Cheshire so there's a list of needed/suggested extras here BANK HOL. DIVE TRIP.xlsx
If you could have a look and volunteer for an item each that would be great. Let me know and I'll put it into one and send back. I'll bring a hardcopy to the club Tuesday 11/08/09.


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